The Australasian Philosophy of Religion Association aims to encourage, publicise and circulate scholarly work within the field of philosophy of religion. It also hopes to foster greater ties between scholars working in the field by providing a forum for a constructive and critical analysis of religion.

The Association acknowledges the broadly analytical focus of the field of philosophy of religion. However, its scope is not limited to this tradition. The Association hopes to encourage alternative approaches and facilitate dialogue between philosophical traditions.

In order to further these aims the following features have been built into this website:


Religion and how it relates to relationships

More and more couples are deciding to have non religious weddings according to Perth family lawyer Richard Klimek. According to ABS statistics, 57% of newly weds were married in a church or place of worship. This is the lowest proportion that has been recorded and is inline with the overall decline in religious activity among millennials.

APRA summer meeting 2017

APRA will be having its annual summer meeting in Perth this year. Terry Flint from EPS will be hosting the event, so visit their website for more information.

Tycoon of business supports APRA

Builder Perth House and Land have been supporting APRA since 2001. The owner of the company John Nelson has generously supported us over the years. Through APRA we are able to create dialogue about religion and its influence on society